If you Promote & Market It, they will come!

Get an Idea, Plan It, Finance It, Design It, Engineer It, Permit It, Build It….Then What?   Wait for customers to come in, with check book in hand, ready to buy your golf course lot, RV fractional,  timeshare week, vacation home fractional, Travel Club Membership?  That is not going to happen, not in today’s market.   Although you may have the best location with the latest amenities & the coolest, on-line presence, you WILL NOT be successful without a tremendous focus and large budgets for MARKETING & SALES. You still have to Promote It, Market It, Sell It and Service It!! AND Promote IT and Promote IT and Sell It.  Plan on first year sales & marketing costs to be close to 50% of sales.  That goes down predictably by year three, but you still gotta be there for year three to see it.

Develop / Re-develop with a Sales Plan Already in Place.

Its all about the Sales, really.  Everything in resort development is about SALES, always!  Should the swim up bar be at the back of the pool?, near the bathrooms?, near the music OR should it be directly under or near the bridge that all prospective buyers will walk across while on tour?  Should we keep maintaining that beautiful 18 hole, championship course, that plays 24,000 rounds a year, at a loss, OR should we    re-develop 9 holes into 120 modern, fractional ownership, resort villas producing  1,440 sales for $88,000,000? OR should we also sell a Camp Coast to Coast membership or other travel club or resort membership along with our lots?  Wow, great first year, we sold $10 million in lots and memberships….but we are out of cash….what do we do with all these notes & receivables?

Dos Mundos Development Inc. recognizes these issues and pre-plans sales and marketing processes and platforms that will maximize sales BEFORE development or re-development begins. Don’t let the cart get in front of the horse or the guy that buys your project for twenty cents on the dollar will make all the money.  

Terry Christopher Bounds Austin Texas.

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